Creating and Managing Supervisory Privileges Is Easy with TargetSolutions


TargetSolutions recently updated the Manage Users tool, which was built to help platform administrators share training management responsibilities to help organizations run more efficiently. The tool gives administrators the ability to have other members of their organization operate the TargetSolutions platform. Administrators can maintain control of their account by creating and managing supervisory privileges over various applications and/or segmented individuals but not the entire site.

Upgrading users to supervisors is very simple. From the Administration tab, select Manage Users and find the individual you would like to grant supervisor privileges. After selecting the individual, click on the Access tab to specify the applications and/or user they are being granted access to oversee.

The Access tab permits administrators to view and edit supervisor rights. This tab becomes editable as soon as it is accessed, and administrators can change supervisor rights at any time. If a supervisor began with the ability to record completions, for example, the administrator can later decide to remove this functionality. Creating and managing supervisory privileges is not just easy, but beneficial in helping administrators operate their account and make the most of the TargetSolutions platform.

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