Customers Share Their Biggest Wins Using RedVector Training and Support Solutions


RedVector is proud to provide the training and performance support solutions that help businesses strengthen compliance, improve performance and reduce risk. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say. Discover ways these businesses strengthened their learning and development programs and improved company performance with RedVector.

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As I was exploring the RedVector content, what I saw on the platform was a lot of material that fit the gaps that we had inside the organization. It was an opportunity to really provide a vast array of [training] content to our employees…and deploy it to our employees very quickly and very easily.
– Joshua Gilliam, Director, Curriculum Architecture

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The benefits of using RedVector training is that I can certify that everyone at the plant has a certain level of knowledge to be able to do their job. And we can minimize the downtime of a power plant, minimize the downtime of equipment, and ensure that the operators feel comfortable operating the equipment and working on it.
– Daniel Alexander, Corporate Trainer

Land o' Lakes, inc

Users in our company see the benefit in this tool in several ways. One way is, hey, you’re investing in me. That means you care about what I’m doing. Builds morale, builds the integrity, builds the ownership in the company. The other part is now they’re learning that I can do this work with a comfort factor because of the training I’ve received.
– Mark Hanley, Senior Asset Reliability Manager

Prior to using RedVector, our training program was inconsistent. Using RedVector, we are able to keep track of our engineers certifications and they can track on their own what types of courses they need in order to complete their certifications.
– Natalee Mossing, Safety and Fleet Administrator


We want people to go home safe. We want people to accomplish what they need to accomplish. We want them to better themselves. If someone called me and asked me about RedVector, they’re the complete deal. You can get the training. You can get the new technology. You can prepare your folks.
– Tommy Plummer, Senior Analyst Technical Training

The program allowed access from any web-based platform whether it be a phone or tablet or computer and that could be accessed from our control rooms or from the apprentice’s home, wherever they needed to be able to do their studying. And they could go in and view that material over again until they were ready to take the test.
– Steven Makey, Training & Compliance Supt.

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