Design Has Huge Implications on Fire Safety


Earlier this year, a fire erupted in one of the largest residential structures in the world. A Dubai skyscraper (dubbed the Torch building) experienced a 50th floor fire causing dangerous conditions below the skyscraper and prompting the evacuation of at least 1,000 tenants, Dezeen Magazine reported.

Fires in structures like skyscrapers are a major issue as they pose unique challenges for firefighters. These problems are so great that firefighters are turning to jet packs to get the job done, Gizmodo reported. As firefighters learn new skills and use contemporary technologies to fight fires, ask yourself – are you doing the same as a designer?

Incorporating Fire Protection into Core Building Elements

The 2015 International Fire Code made major strides in introducing modern fire suppression technologies to protect people from fires. Use these codes as benchmarks to help you design and establish buildings that protect people from the spread of fires. You also must incorporate fire protection into the core elements of the building. Issues to consider include:

  • Evacuation pathways
  • How smoke will move through the building
  • Critical system identification

All told, performance-based design principles must be taken into account when developing fire safety strategies.


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