Draper PD Prioritizing Training, Saving Time, and Improving Accountability

Draper PD Prioritizing Training, Saving Time, and Improving Accountability

Draper Police Department, located just south of Salt Lake City, Utah, has implemented a progressive training program for the officers. Chief John Eining reinforces the importance of, and their commitment to, a “highly trained” police force on their website. And according to Sergeant Scott Adams who manages the training program for Draper PD, officers receive a minimum of 120 training hours a year; three times more than required to maintain State certification.

As a 17-year veteran with Draper PD, Sgt. Adams has served in patrol, SWAT and is now responsible for managing the training of their 44 officers and 16 civilian staff. Their goal is to offer 10 hours of training for each person every month.

Questions to Consider

When taking on the training role and responsibilities, Sgt. Adams evaluated the current process and started with a set of questions that helped formulate the plan to improve their program. He considered:

  • How are we documenting our training and policy information?
  • How are we sharing officer training data with the Chief or other authorities asking for this information?
  • Are our training records comprehensive?
  • How are we documenting our Supervisors’ monthly one-one-one check-ins with officers?

After evaluating their needs and researching what was available to help manage their training and policy needs, Draper PD selected Vector Solutions’ Learning Management System (LMS) (formerly known as the TargetSolutions training platform) and Evaluations+. They implemented the system in 2018 to schedule, deliver, track and report their online and in-person training; manage policy dissemination and acknowledgment; complete DORs from their phones or tablets; document their monthly check-ins; and more.

Everything in One Place

Online Training Demo

“If the Chief wants to know what we're training on, I can pull a report in 5 minutes,” said Sgt. Adams. “In the past, it would have taken a couple hours and searching a dozen different places to collect all that information."

With the Vector LMS and Evaluations+, everything is in one place. Whether it’s reporting on what training an officer has taken, what training topics are being covered, or what training was covered during a specific time period, it’s all available in the LMS. Draper PD FTOs are using the Evaluations+ native app for their new officer field training and DORs. The app enables scoring, file uploads and seamless LMS integration from their mobile device to record, evaluate and verify officer competencies in the field. 

Improved Accountability

“Our Supervisors are using Vector LMS to document their monthly check-ins,” explained Sgt. Adams. “The browser-based software enables Supervisors to review five standard questions with their reports each month—including how they are doing and what we can improve on—from any connected device. Now we not only have a good process in place to improve on operations and screen for concerns, but we also have the documentation to track everything in one place and follow up as needed.”

Draper PD is also using the LMS to help keep track of items like driver’s license renewals to ensure they stay compliant and notify officers when expiration dates are approaching. They use the LMS to promote and manage enrollment for in-person and virtual events, such as their Chiefs Hour and Mental Health Webinars. But perhaps the biggest time savings they are leveraging with the LMS is more online prep before an in-person training.

“I love this system. It’s helping keep everyone accountable, well trained and helping detect deficiencies before they become an issue.”

Sergeant Scott Adams, Training Coordinator for Draper Police Department 

Saving Time with Online Prep

“We are saving 3-4 hours in classroom training by assigning online pre-work for our Lesser Lethal Weapon training before going to the range,” said Sgt. Adams. “We’re saving a lot of time by uploading content into the LMS and assigning it for review when it works into our officers’ schedules; we’re no longer having to spend all that time in a classroom.”

Vector Check It DemoVector Solutions offers more operational and workforce management software than other vendors, which adds convenience to have it all available in one place, with one login, from one technology partner. The latest application that Draper PD implemented from the suite of solutions that Vector offers was Check It, an equipment and asset management tool. 

Easier Tracking and Maintenance

Sgt. Adams said that the City has a policy to track all items over $200 with a serial number. “We’re using Check It to track everything assigned to an officer within the parameters of this policy, from the time he or she receives it through retirement or replacement,” explained Sgt. Adams. “We’re tracking our bulletproof vest, handguns, radios, optics, rifles, tasers, SWAT ballistic helmets, OC spray, taser cartridges, body cams, etc. We are also using it to track and monitor our monthly vehicle inspections so we can see what is overdue or in the shop. We’ve set up reminders for replacement items and checks, like oil checks, air filters, alternators, batteries, brake inspections, engine coolant replacement, etc. Check It is amazing!”

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