New TargetSolutions Scheduling™ Enhancements for Greater Customization and Easier Workforce Scheduling

The TargetSolutions Scheduling™ platform received significant enhancements since the start of 2020. Designed to automate processes and increase convenience, these system updates focus on the most highly utilized features.

In February, the Timeline View and Rules Builder were developed to make it easier for agencies to monitor and edit daily schedules. With this latest round of enhancements, agencies can further customize TargetSolutions Scheduling™ with employee groups, templates, homepage options and more.

More Customizable Options for Your Agency

Employee groups in TargetSolutions Scheduling™ simplify how your agency sorts and communicates with specific personnel. Group labels such as “A shift”, “B shift” and “C shift” are common identifiers and are pre-built in the system. However, you can easily edit and manage employee groups based on your needs. These labels can then be displayed in the Crew Scheduler for an at-a-glance view of how employees are scheduled – making it easier to contact the group or make changes.

For more efficient communication and reports, you can now save your settings as templates. Using a template, you can customize how you send out notifications, such as via email only, or filter report data in just a few clicks. This system update is practical for monthly meeting reminders or reoccurring payroll reports.

Lastly, administrators and users can now select the homepage they're routed to when they log in to TargetSolutions Scheduling™. Editable within System Preferences, individuals can prioritize what they want to see as their homepage and save time. For example, an administrator can choose to view Time-Off approvals or the live Roster Map when they first log in.

Additional Enhancements to TargetSolutions Scheduling™

  • Under Manage Employees, you can now choose to hide employees’ phone numbers from users. This can help protect employee privacy and is easy to change if needed.
  • Using the Status webpage, you can check the live status of TargetSolutions Scheduling™ to ensure maximum uptime and performance of its features.
  • Now, you have the option to sync your schedule with Google. This integration enhancement allows you to use the TargetSolutions Scheduling™ alongside your G-suite.
  • Look Ahead Periods in the Assistant module has been extended to up to 180 days. This can be useful for future planning and establishing a reoccurring schedule.
  • Shift trades that are deleted can now automatically return the employee to their original assignment and work code.
  • Additional formatting options are also available for CSV exports of your payroll reports.

For questions about enhancements to TargetSolutions Scheduling™, please visit the Help Center.

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