Effective Safety Training: Check Out Our Article In ASSE’s “Professional Safety” Magazine


We’re always excited to work together with a professional safety organization like the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), and so we’re excited and honored to have written an article for their Professional Safety magazine (gated-must be an ASSE member).

Thanks to Tim Fisher, Standards Development and Technical Services, for recommending us to the Professional Safety staff, and to Sue Trebswether, Editor/Manager at Professional Safety, for all the hard work and good cheer.

Go here to read the magazine and our article. Remember, you’ve got to be an ASSE member, but that starts at only $150/year, and that $150 pays for many, many benefits. It’s a safety bargain to be sure.

But don’t rush away too quickly! We’ve got a series of ASSE-related materials that we’ve created for you below, plus a free 60-page Guide to Effective Safety Training you can download and some more cool safety training stuff.

It’s all below the MORE button, just waiting for you.

And stay tuned to Professional Safety, as this is the first in a multi-article series on safety training that we’re writing for the magazine. Our next article will appear in their January, 2017 issue, and we’ll have articles in their March, May, July, September, November, and January (2018) issues as well. So get in here, at the ground floor, and settle in for the long haul with us! 🙂

Here’s a sneak-peek at the article. Remember to Go here to read the magazine and the article.


Some ANSI/ASSE-Related Articles and Free Guides

Because we like the work the ASSE does, we sometimes write articles about ANSI standards they’ve had a hand in creating. Notably, Z490.1 and Z10.

ANSI Z490.1 (2016), Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental Training

Some of you may know we write about ASSE standards from time to time. The Guide to Effective Environmental, Health, and Safety Training that you can download below (or by clicking this link) is based on the ASSE/ANSI Z490.1 standard, for example.

In addition to downloading that free guide, you can read our series of articles about the different sections of Z490.1, also:

ANSI Z10 (2012), Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

We’ve also got a series of articles about ANSI’s Z10. We’re currently in the process of completing this series, so for now we’ve listed the articles we have below. Know that more and coming, and we’ll link them to “daisy-chain” them together to make it easier to read the entire series.

Safety Training Solutions from Convergence Training

What’s our interest in safety training, you ask?

Well, Convergence Training is a training solutions provider with a long history working to develop safety training solutions, including:

Check out the samples below or contact us to learn more.

Convergence Online Safety Training Demo

The short video below gives you an idea of the quality of our safety training graphics.

Click this link to see our entire list of safety training topics and view longer samples of each safety training course.

Convergence LMS for Administering Safety Training Programs

The short video below explains what an LMS is and how it can help you with your safety training program.

You can also click the following links to learn more about our learning management systems for big and small companies, mines, and contractor orientations.

Don’t forget to download the free guide to Effective EHS Training below!


Effective EHS Training: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to design, create, deliver, and evaluate effective EHS training by following these best practices with our free step-by-step guide.

Download Free Guide


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