New Essential Training: EMS Response for COVID-19 (PPE, Decon, and Transport)


The coronavirus outbreak has put medical professionals, first responders and other essential workers at the frontlines of fighting this global health crisis.

As first responders continue to provide vital emergency medical services during this time, they face unprecedented circumstances. EMS personnel must be able to safely handle the rapidly growing number of calls for possible coronavirus cases of COVID-19.

To help EMS personnel reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus or spreading it to others, TargetSolutions developed an all-new course: EMS Response for COVID-19 (PPE, Decon, and Transport).

About EMS Response for COVID-19 (PPE, Decon, and Transport)

Being prepared for calls related to COVID-19 can keep first responders safe, flatten the curve and help to break the chain of infection. This course uses CDC recommendations to reinforce important procedures for pre and post-emergency response to minimize individuals’ exposure to the virus.

EMS Response for COVID-19 (PPE, Decon, and Transport) uses video, mid-course study questions and interactions to ensure personnel are retaining crucial information. Here is a breakdown of important lessons covered in this video-based course:

  • Sanitizing Hands
  • PPE Overview
  • Donning PPE
  • Doffing PPE
  • Patient Assessment
  • Patient Transport and COVID-19
  • Decontamination and COVID-19
  • Post-Response Protocol and COVID-19

If you have questions about this training, please contact us at (800) 840-8046.

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