Make Sure Credentials Are Completed on Time with TargetSolutions’ Alert Notifications

If you’re responsible for notifying employees every time an important deadline approaches, you know how difficult that task can be. With TargetSolutions’ records and information management system, the process is simplified with alerts that notify administrators, supervisors and users about important deadlines before they expire.
This feature for tracking dates can be found inside TargetSolutions’ one-of-a-kind Manage Credentials application. Alert notifications can be set up to inform key stakeholders of expiring credentials. This reminds the user about the deadline for completing the assignment on time. Alerts also provide platform managers an update that one of their users is approaching a deadline.
Photo of Managing Credential Alerts
Administrators are able to choose what the alerts will say, when the alerts will be sent out, who will receive them, and how they will be sent to the user.

It is important to note that after all requirements have been completed within a credential, alerts will no longer be generated for that user. However, a recently added option allows a one-time notification to be delivered after a user has completed all requirements for a credential. “Requirements are completed” must be selected under “When to Alert” to receive this notice.
TargetSolutions’ records and information management system features unique alert functionality to keep users and platform managers on top of deadlines.
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