Erosion and Sediment Control Measures Crucial at Construction Sites


Erosion rates can escalate quickly as land is disturbed at construction sites. Disturbed land can have an erosion rate of upwards of 100 percent compared to undisturbed land. Furthermore, soil removed through erosion seeps into water sources and heads downstream, increasing water temperatures and reducing the amount of sunlight that can reach aquatic vegetation. Over time, these problems can compound, leading to significant damages to ecosystems.

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These environmental implications of erosion have led regulators to push for robust standards at construction sites. Permanent erosion control is necessary from both regulatory and environmental protection perspectives, and the goal needs to be to prevent erosion in the first place during construction.

Removing sediment from water sources is a complex, expensive process and may not completely undo damage already done. Conversely, there are many preventative measures construction companies can take to prevent erosion from happening in the first place, limiting the sedimentary build-up in water sources. To ensure erosion prevention, consider:

  • Identifying erosion problems at the planning stage.
  • Pin down areas susceptible to erosion.
  • Strategically cover the ground at construction sites to prevent loose sediment from eroding.


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