TargetSolutions Platform Enhancement: Events Enrollment Report


Your customer feedback is crucial to TargetSolutions in guiding ongoing enhancements to its learning and operations management system. The new Events Enrollment report, TargetSolutions’ latest development, improves user experience in tracking agency events and related details.

Events Enrollment reports are tied to the Events feature in the platform. This report type enables agencies to generate comprehensive reports on all events scheduled within TargetSolutions. Using this report, agencies will have a more detailed overview of event enrollment with customizable report fields such as enrollment approvals and event times.

Comprehensive Reporting for Events

Running an Events Enrollment report allows you to specify which events to view and determine the period of time you wish to report on.

For example, if you want to track which monthly hands-on training events your personnel are enrolled in, you can select these events and run the report for the quarter. Similarly, you can select specific personnel without choosing specific events, allowing you to track all events in which these personnel are enrolled.

In addition to customizable time frames and event selection, this report includes fields for tracking personnel enrollment status, whether or not the enrollment was approved or denied and who administered said approval/denial. Other event details are also available in the report such as the event dates, duration, location and more. This new report provides a clearer picture of agency events to help agencies track enrollment and easily identify event information with an at-a-glace view.

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