Expert Talks Power of Workplace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in New Webinar

Expert Talks Power of Workplace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in New Webinar

Vector Solutions for Casinos will be hosting a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Webinar on Tuesday, November 2 with one of the contributing authors of our latest DE&I courses, Tammy Hodo, Ph.D., Founder and President of All Things Diverse. If you’re curious about DE&I—what it means for your property, what’s in it for you to take it on as an initiative at your workplace, how to handle the delicate nature of DE&I, or just want to know more about Vector’s research-based diversity course series—then this webinar is for you!

Watch Tammy's TEDx Talk here:

Diversity initiatives are becoming a part of work culture and onboarding requirements more often and faster than ever before. As important as it is, diversity, equity, and inclusion can not only be complicated terms to understand, but require awareness and sensitivity in order to be implemented successfully.

When creating DE&I initiatives, you’ll need to know the right first steps, like determining the goal or purpose of the initiative as well as getting feedback from employees or those who’ll be affected by it. Experts suggest that simply making DE&I training courses mandatory is not enough: It isn’t an effective way to create meaningful change at your property or organization.

Further, one of the most critical buy-ins that get overlooked is from leadership. Being prepared to roll out a DE&I program means leadership can articulate what it is, can explain why it’s being implemented, and, most importantly, lead by example. This means becoming aware of one’s own blindspots related to DE&I as well as getting vulnerable, being willing to be corrected, and changing certain beliefs or behaviors that are counterproductive to your DE&I initiative. That can be quite an adjustment, and many leaders do not anticipate this sort of participation when launching a DE&I endeavor.

Gain Clarity & Get Those Burning Questions Answered in a Safe Space During Vector’s Live DE&I Webinar with Tammy Hodo

Though successful DE&I training and strategic plans require awareness and commitment from leadership, the power and profit resulting from diversity-in-action is quite significant.

Why do companies need DE&I training?

Because diversity and inclusion are good for business! Below are a few facts based on DE&I research.

  • Diverse teams think more accurately and make fewer errors.
  • Diverse teams are smarter, more innovative, and better at solving problems and making decisions.
  • Feelings of inclusion make people more generous, more cooperative, and more likely to exhibit prosocial behaviors.
  • Firms at which 30 percent of leaders are women can expect to add 3 percent more net profit margin than a firm with no female leaders.
  • Gender-mixed teams outperformed male-dominated teams as well as female-dominated teams.
  • Companies with more ethnic and racial diversity among managers enjoyed better financial returns.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting webinar to hear the wonderful and engaging guest speaker, Tammy Hodo, discuss the nuances of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to learn more about Vector’s self-paced, online diversity course series. Click here to register today!


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