Extraordinary Civil Engineering Projects of the Past Five Years


Civil engineers create some truly physics-defying structures every day. Interested in some of the most exciting projects constructed in recent years? Let’s take a look at two breathtaking buildings.

  1. Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas
    This sports venue, constructed in 2010, is what Popular Mechanics calls an “impressive feat” of civil engineering. According to the source, Cowboys Stadium is home to the world’s biggest operable glass doors, with panels that are 290 X 220 feet each. Not only is the stadium’s roof the largest single-span cover on earth, but it’s also self-cleaning – it’s topped with a layer of photocatalytic titanium dioxide, which breaks down dirt using the sun’s rays.
  2. Alvarado Water Treatment Plant, San Diego, California
    While this project was officially started in 2008, it won’t be completed for another 13 years, explained Industry Tap. This 20-year, five-phase project will eventually have the ability to filter 800,000 cubic meters of water, which is twice as much as it was filtering in 2013. The source explained that this project was started in response to San Diego’s rapidly expanding population, and is expected to last for 75 years upon completion. By 2028, the Alvarado Water Treatment Plant will include features like storm water management facilities, extra generators and shoreline landscaping. design-build-CTA


5 Of The Most Exciting Civil Engineering Projects Happening Right Now


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