Streamline Fire Department Equipment Inspections with the TargetSolutions Check It™ Application


With all-new Equipment Inspections available in the TargetSolutions Check It™ application, departments can create, track and report equipment checklists to ensure equipment is functioning properly and ready to use.

Departments utilizing the TargetSolutions Check It™ application have access to the industry’s latest and most dynamic technology for managing routine truck, equipment and inventory inspections. Easy-to-use features enable personnel to complete inspections faster, help departments visualize apparatus and equipment statuses and improve compliance to regulations on essential tools.

New updates to the TargetSolutions Check It™ system include all-new Equipment Inspections. Now, departments can create, track and report checklists for all equipment used by personnel to ensure items are functioning properly and ready to use.

All-New Equipment Inspections

Similar to apparatus checks, departments can use the TargetSolutions Check It™ desktop application to perform detailed inspections on equipment.

Rather than focusing on whether or not a piece of equipment is present on an apparatus or in a storage facility, customizable equipment inspections allow you to manage and track all aspects of equipment. By documenting checks and equipment information more accurately, you can also take action sooner when an item requires attention – reducing risk when on the job.

Checklists to Streamline Equipment Management

Accessible in equipment pools, you can easily start building a custom checklist according to important information related to the equipment items.

Options allow you to determine the frequency of inspections, such as annually, quarterly, daily etc. Additionally, for groups of equipment whose items have different shelf lives or expiration dates, departments can determine a separate date for each item. To remind personnel of an upcoming check or expiring item, simply select a threshold of when to remind personnel via platform notifications.

For inspections that relate to multiple equipment pools, departments can create a single inspection that covers these different groups. For example, you can build an SCBA Daily Inspection that includes SCBA frames, bottles, masks and more!

Manage Service Vendor Inspections

While the TargetSolutions Check It™ system simplifies internal inspections, the flexible application enables departments to track external vendor checks. When creating a new inspection, platform administrators can select “Service Vendor” to add basic vendor information, track the costs of inspections and set the frequency of external checks. Additionally, the TargetSolutions Check It™ application allows you to upload invoices from vendor inspections to verify equipment is up-to-date and in compliance.

Equipment Inspections are part of continuous enhancements to the TargetSolutions Check It™ operations management system. Ongoing updates focus on improving user experience to make routine apparatus, equipment and inventory inspections as painless as possible. Using this application, your department can improve overall safety and mitigate risk with reliable tools for checking, tracking and reporting everything in one, centralized location.

For questions about fire department Equipment Inspections or the TargetSolutions Check It™ system, please review this help article or contact us today!

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