The Ultimate Tool for Fire Department Training in Canada

Fire Department Training in Canada
With over 450 hours of fire and EMS continuing education training and dynamic applications for tracking and recording all training types, TargetSolutions is the all-in-one system for fire department training in Canada.

TargetSolutions is the No. 1 choice for online fire department training and records management. With more than 450 hours of fire department training, including EMS continuing education training and NFPA firefighter training, as well as dynamic applications to track and report all forms of training activities, TargetSolutions is the all-in-one system for fire training in Canada.

With this easy-to-use training and operations management software, you can streamline all aspects of training management and deliver, track and report training activities, policies and more from one, centralized platform.

21st Century Solutions for Your Fire Department

Discover the ways TargetSolutions can improve your department’s training and compliance management with the following capabilities:

Track Job Performance Requirements – You know how difficult it can be to make sure your department fulfills the training requirements to complete the many components of JPRs or playbooks. TargetSolutions’ records management system has the tools to track members’ progress through any type of JPR.

Streamline Training Management – No matter the size of your agency, managing training is a challenge. With TargetSolutions, you can easily distribute training, make sure everyone has received it and track when assignments are completed.

Ensure Every Hour Counts – If you’re not documenting your training, there is no way to prove it took place. TargetSolutions’ powerful records management system tracks all types of online, drill-yard and instructor-led training activities.

SOP & SOG Sign Offs – Simplify the delivery of your standard operating procedures and guidelines with TargetSolutions’ online system. Electronically deliver SOPs and SOGs and get digital verification your members are in compliance.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Save on fuel and reduce out-of-service time by having department members complete courses and training activities online – not at the training division. Reduce paperwork by managing SOPs with TargetSolutions.

Save Time and Money – With 24/7 access to TargetSolutions, you will slash off-duty training sessions. You will cut fuel costs and wear-and-tear on vehicles. You will decrease out-of-service working hours and increase classroom availability.

Train for Success

A prepared firefighter is a safer, more effective firefighter. TargetSolutions offers the industry’s most robust catalog of online training for fire departments, including more than 300 hours of continuing education for fire and EMS. Explore TargetSolutions’ firefighter training catalog with dynamic, mobile-compatible courses featuring videos, engaging interactions and real-life scenarios.

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