Firefighter Training Video Shows ‘Safe’ and ‘Quick Execution’ of Forcible Entry for an Inward Swinging Door

“I like the way they controlled the door using the webbing and standing on it – nice work,” Robert Pitts of Maury County Fire Rescue (Tenn.) wrote in the comments section.
Edwin Santana of Orange County Fire Rescue (Fla.) commented that the video shows “safe” technique and Kemberly Wilkerson of Dekalb County Fire Rescue (Ga.) wrote, “Quick execution.”
The firefighters featured in the fire department training video follow three principles: 1. Gap the door; 2. Set the tool; 3. Force. The video was uploaded by North County Fire Protection District’s Gary Lane, who was honored in 2013 with TargetSolutions’ Technical Achievement Award and has uploaded 24 posts into Community Resources.
To view this video, which is currently being utilized by 37 different organizations as a firefighter training resource, please login to your department’s TargetSolutions site and search “Forcible Entry-Inward Swinging Doors” in Community Resources. If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.

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