Five New Environmental Health & Safety Courses Now Available


We’re always hard at work producing new courses for our ever-expanding library of environmental and industrial health & safety videos, and today we’re happy to announce the completion of five brand new additions to our catalog.

The new courses, Safety & Health Basic, Safety & Health Advanced, Hydraulic Fluid Safety, Hot Work Safety, and Lead-Based Paint Safety, were designed to follow OSHA 10-Hour safety training guidelines and are intended to provide workers with the tools necessary to make smart decisions regarding safety in the workplace.

The creation of these courses followed a typical Convergence production timeline. Months of storyboarding & writing, followed by the tireless 3D & compositing work of our talented media artists, led to our extensive standards & review process. After making the necessary tweaks, cuts, and twists, the review process was followed, at long last, by today’s release of the new training materials.

Look for more details and samples of the new videos in coming posts.

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