Free Guide to Selecting Online Manufacturing Training

So you'd like to add online training to your current manufacturing training program, but you want to take your time and make sure you'll implement the solutions that are the best fit for your organizational training and learning needs? Are we right?


If so, we congratulate you, because there really is no single solution or implementation that is a perfect fit for every company, and even if there were, you'd still need to consider how you'd add online training to the rest of the L&D programs at your manufacturing facility.

To help you make the right choice, we've got a free GUIDE TO SELECTING ONLINE MANUFACTURING TRAINING for you below. It will help you consider big-picture things, like how online training fits into your L&D programs; what online training "mainly" means now and what it will probably include in the future; criteria for selecting online courses, learning management systems, and providers; and some tips for using online training wisely once you have implemented it.

Our free guide to selecting online manufacturing training solutions, including courses, learning management systems, and providers, is below. We hope you find this guide helpful and wish you luck in your search.

In addition to the "Selecting Online Manufacturing Training" guide below, you might also want to check out our free, recorded Selecting Online Manufacturing Training webinar to help you make a better decision for selecting online manufacturing training.

In addition, you may find our Six Steps for Better Manufacturing Training article to just generally improve your overall manufacturing training program.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about the online manufacturing training materials and performance-improvement solutions we provide.

Jeff Dalto, Senior Learning & Performance Improvement Manager
Jeff is a learning designer and performance improvement specialist with more than 20 years in learning and development, 15+ of which have been spent working in manufacturing, industrial, and architecture, engineering & construction training. Jeff has worked side-by-side with more than 50 companies as they implemented online training. Jeff is an advocate for using evidence-based training practices and is currently completing a Masters degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning from Boise State University. He writes the Vector Solutions | Convergence Training blog and invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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