‘Go Green’ and Save Resources with TargetSolutions’ Online File-Storing Application


Save resources with TargetSolutions’ web-based file-storing application.

Is your organization looking to eliminate unnecessary waste? TargetSolutions does exactly that with innovative online technology. The platform’s web-based recordkeeping software promotes environmentally-friendly processes that are beneficial to the environment.
TargetSolutions features a virtual file cabinet that provides storage for employee records and organizational resources, including SOPs, new-hire documentation, and other critical items. The password-protected application, called the File Center, alleviates the need for brick and mortar repositories with a centralized, online location, giving employees the ability to access documents 24/7.
In addition to file storage, internal items requiring employee signatures can be assigned, tracked, and recorded with TargetSolutions’ powerful recordkeeping system. E-signatures ensure employees have acknowledged important organizational documents, streamlining operational efficiency.
“The amount of paperwork accumulated from policies, organizational handbooks, and other informational documents distributed to each employee within an organization can be difficult to maintain,” said TargetSolutions’ Kelly Zielinski. “Not only do organizations save money, but with a web-based file center, they reduce human error in processes like delivery, filing, and signature validation.”
If you have any questions about TargetSolutions online file-storing application, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.

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