Growing an AEC Business Takes More than Skill

Nowadays for AEC firms to be successful it takes more than just technical skills—it takes business savvy. Providing sales and marketing training can help make sure all staff members are up to speed on what it takes to attract new customers, build relationships, and ultimately help your firm stand out among competitors.

As the economy slowly begins to recover and the shift toward green building and sustainable design practices continues to fuel growth, the outlook remains positive for those in the AEC industry. But whether yours is a new or veteran firm, and whether you are an owner or an employee, one thing is certain: knowing how to solicit new business as well as develop and maintain successful customer relationships is absolutely critical. Are you and your team prepared?

In AEC firms today it is common for technical project managers to play an active role in seeking out new business opportunities and building relationships with prospects and clients. In many cases these individuals take the place of an actual sales and marketing team, so making sure they have the skills they need should be among your top priorities when it comes to training.

Project Manager to Business Pro
Chances are your firm already relies on ongoing education and training for the big things—advancing technical skills, keeping pace with changing industry standards, improving project management, ensuring worker safety, mitigating risk, etc.—but successful firms are those that also understand the value of providing training focused on effective sales and marketing techniques.

For example, courses on topics such as identifying and connecting with new prospects can help individuals with little or no prior experience to promote the business and reach out to potential clients with confidence, as well as develop the skills necessary to eventually to close a sale, follow up with clients, and foster successful and lasting relationships.

SmartTeam Sales Training from RedVector
As the leader in online education and training solutions for the AEC industry, RedVector strives to provide the highest-quality and most beneficial learning content for design and construction professionals, and recently we announced another level of exceptional service available to our clients.

Through our sister company, SmartTeam online business training, we now provide more than 100 online professional development courses—including a beneficial sales training suite designed to help your entire team understand fundamental concepts in order to focus your sales and marketing efforts and maximize profit. Included in the suite is a unique series of Advanced Tele-Prospecting courses that provides simple and effective techniques for moving a sale forward and achieving your objective.

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