Hands-On Training Never Goes Wasted with TargetSolutions’ Fire Department Training and Tracking System


TargetSolutions’ online fire training system offers fire departments a ready-made solution for efficiently tracking various types of ongoing daily drill-yard training. These are the types of activities every department regularly completes, but might not regularly log.

Whether it is ladders, hoses, or any other firefighter training activity you can imagine, it needs to happen regularly for firefighters to be prepared. With that in mind, TargetSolutions features customizable electronic forms that cover most departments’ daily checklist. These lists are broken into specifications, ensuring all fire department training, no matter how minimal, is tracked and recorded.

“By utilizing our daily activities, firefighters will be able to record the drills and other hands-on training that they are already doing easily and efficiently,” said Jenny Fergason, who serves as TargetSolutions’ Director of Client Services. “We’ve put together some templates on the most commonly completed drills, but we also provide platform managers with the ability to customize our templates to fit their department’s own unique needs.”

After years of documenting routine training the old-fashioned way, Mike Linkins of Polk County Fire Rescue in Bartow, Fla., was amazed to learn just how much training went uncounted toward employee training records before signing on with TargetSolutions, which features a suite of powerful tools that simplify training and operations.

“Our people were doing their training, but not recording it,” Linkins said. “The numbers we were expecting were consistently lower than our expectations. When we saw how you could track training with TargetSolutions, we were astonished.”


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