Hexavalent Chromium Video Sample


We've recently completed work on our new Hexavelent Chromium video and it's now available for sale from BuyBetterTraining.com.

Learn to how to comply with OSHA's standards concerning monitoring and controlling exposure to cr6+, and understand how to keep yourself and your team safe when working with this known human carcinogen.

Hexavalent Chromium, or Cr(VI), is used in many industrial processes and can often be found in steel production and metal working. Welders in particular are at risk for CR(VI) exposure; especially when arc welding or stick welding with stainless steel or chromium metal.

The Hexavalent Chromium dust or gasses produced from heated metal attacks the airways, leading to nasal and skin ulcerations, lesions, respiratory ailments, and lung and nasal cancers.

Our Hexavelent Chromium video covers OSHA requirements regarding exposure to these dangers, including instruction on the following topics:

  • Exposure levels and assesment
  • Observation and Recording of Monitoring
  • Employee Notification
  • Engineering and work Practice Controls
  • Sample controls for painting and welding
  • Respiratory protection
  • Additional PPE
  • Medical surveillance and examination

Stay safe.  Check out the video at BuyBetterTraining.com

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