How Horry County Fire Rescue Manages Its ISO Fire Department Training Reports with TargetSolutions

If you had asked Assistant Chief Douglas Cline a few years ago what his vision of an ideal training program might be, inevitably his response would include a little bit of everything.

With 40 stations covering more than 1,150 square miles of the diverse South Carolina landscape, Horry County Fire Rescue stretches from the county’s urban super-centers to the edges of its rural farmland. In the midst of such an active community, Cline’s department responds to more than 60,000 calls annually, 10,000 of which are fire related.

Horry County’s journey with TargetSolutions began out of need, as the organization sought to find a platform that could handle their unique training requirements.

“One of the reasons that we switched from CentreLearn over to TargetSolutions was because it has the components that we were looking for under the fire related pieces,” said Cline. “CentreLearn was predominantly EMS and we were looking to do both EMS continuing education for recertification and also a platform to do fire.”

Needless to say, TargetSolutions delivered in spades.

When it comes to the plethora of features offered by TargetSolutions’ online training management platform, Cline says his department regularly takes full advantage. Pre-course work, EMS continuing education, custom activities, records management; if the feature is available, Horry County Fire Rescue probably uses it.

In response to the dreaded ISO audit, Cline described the event as just another day at the office when compiling ISO fire department training reports.

“The amount of time I put into it was very minimal,” said Cline. “I created ISO reports, he asked for a couple other little things and that was it. I probably spent less than 45 minutes on it because I could produce everything I had to produce before he got there.”

Nevertheless, Cline’s experience of adding value to Horry County Fire Rescue’s training program with TargetSolutions’ platform has been second to none.

“I like the platform. We utilize it a lot, not only to deliver or get information out of but also to store things,” said Cline. “I would say it works very well for us.”

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