How OSHA’s Confined Space Rule May Affect Employers


When it comes to the construction industry, following federal guidelines is essential. Not only are these regulations in place to give workers autonomy in their careers, but they also help keep construction professionals safe.

According to the National Law Review, new standards issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration went into effect October 2. Known as the confined space rules, these guidelines dictate that employers need to monitor any spots on their work sites that could be considered confined.

They must evaluate them continuously throughout the projects to determine whether these spots are what OSHA calls “permit required confined spaces.” This term refers to spaces that are so restricted or compact that simply performing a basic task inside them could put workers at risk.

Lexology reported that there are similar rules across the industrial spectrum, but these new regulations are tailored to the constantly changing nature of the construction industry. Because spaces may be relatively open and safe one day, and blocked off and confined the next, OSHA wants to ensure that employers recognize this difference in risk. confined-spacesCTA


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