How to Combine Operations and Maintenance Training


Operations and maintenance teams are essential to the effective function of manufacturing facilities. As the two departments work so closely with each other, management would benefit from combining training for these divisions into one cohesive plan.

Bringing elements together under one roof
According to the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, managers have the tough task of interfacing among different areas of the facility to ensure production runs smoothly. In addition, they have to deal with ever-shrinking budgets that affect their abilities to oversee businesses with ease.

The key to effective operations and maintenance lies in well-defined functions and their associations within the organization. Managers will find themselves responsible for several aspects of these departments, which may even overlap in tasks at times. This presents opportunities for businesses to optimize cross-training efforts.

For example, the DOE explained that both departments experience administration functions that ensure the effective implementation and control of certain roles. In addition, managers can oversee specific conduct measures for both maintenance and operations to safely coordinate economical and reliable processes at facilities.

Incentivizing training programs for workers
While bringing these functions together can optimize training, providing managers with financial incentives could help improve the operation and maintenance practices, as well as the overall energy efficiency of facilities. Companies, such as Pepco Holdings, offer partial reimbursements to personnel who participate in training programs that focus on certification courses or other building-related lessons.

Cross-training for operations and maintenance personnel can help advance business efficiencies, improve energy performance and ensure effective output in the future.



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