How to Reduce Your Expenses With Online Training


Traditional in-classroom training methods can be expensive. It’s important to note that face-to-face training is not the only way to train employees. In fact, over 300+ Casinos have completely replaced face-to-face training with Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, CELEXA.

Online training offers greater flexibility for your team and immensely reduces your training costs. With Casino Essentials, it’s not necessary to convert all your training to eLearning. You can use our Learning Management System, CELEXA to host a blended learning approach. Meaning, you can train courses online and in the classroom, while still storing your data in CELEXA. Transitioning from in-person training to online training can be seamless. Our Support Team can upload your current customized training material to CELEXA and you can begin training once your site is live! Read our recent blog Host Blended Learning in CELEXA to learn more.

We are sharing five reasons why online training reduces your expenses:

On-site trainers are not necessary 

On-site trainers are not needed for online training with Casino Essentials. Therefore, there are no costs associated with additional staffing, including the time spent on training for the instructors themselves.

Save costs on travels and accommodation for off-site training

In-person classroom training typically requires both the employees and the trainer to travel to off-site training facilities if their business does not have the necessary space to conduct the training. Consequently, businesses are faced with the incurring training costs on behalf of their employees for their training and development.

With Casio Essentials, employees can log-on to the training site when it is convenient for them either during their work day or in the comfort of their own home. Eliminating the travel and accommodation costs entirely.

Material expenses are cut

With online training, there is no need for investing in physical workbooks or participant guides. Printing costs will be significantly cut down – this saves your casino money, as well as the environment.

With CELEXA, casinos can update their team on internal policy procedures by uploading form acknowledgements to their training site. Read our recent blog Assign and Track Custom Content in CELEXA to learn more!

Minimize the loss of employee productivity

When an employee attends a physical training class, they lose time on their daily workload. They would need to delegate their daily activities in order to balance both their job responsibilities and training.

Your employees do not need to compromise on their daily tasks with Casino Essentials online training. Your employees can log-on to their CELEXA training site at any hour of the day during the pockets of free time that they have. CELEXA tracks and saves the online training. You can stop the content at any time and CELEXA will bookmark your spot for you!

Save costs on evaluation and measurement of the training

Casino Essentials tracks and reports your employee training! You can rely on CELEXA to measure the results of any training – online or blended training. Administrators can pull reports from CELEXA. The reports can be customized or automated. For example, you can pull a report for all in-complete training to determine who is outstanding in their training. This feature is extremely important since it will save you and your team a lot of time. Read our recent blog Training Completion Tracking Made Easy to learn more!


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