Hundreds of Video-Based Professional Skills Training Courses Released by TargetSolutions


TargetSolutions’ online training catalog has undergone an infusion of hundreds of new courses covering office productivity, project management, business skills, and more.

In late 2016, TargetSolutions’ parent company, Vector Solutions, acquired LearnSmart, a powerhouse provider of high-quality professional skills and IT certification training. Accompanying the acquisition of LearnSmart is a treasure trove of video-based training courses now available to TargetSolutions customers.

These mobile-ready professional skills training courses, designed to boost workplace productivity and maximize performance, are now available in high-definition videos with live demonstrations.

Here is a breakdown of the new training:

  • Business Skills: 144 new courses on the subjects of leadership, management, strategic thinking, and more.
  • Office Productivity: 21 new courses built to boost employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities in the workplace.
  • Project Management: 52 new courses to help public entities develop project managers who are equipped to achieve organizational goals.
  • OSHA & HR: 12 new courses that address employee health and safety in the workplace.

Also available from LearnSmart is a premium library, featuring more than 140 courses designed for IT and Security professionals. These in-depth training lessons, available at an additional cost, can help bolster your organization’s cyber security and provide skills to meet certification goals, including CompTIA series (A+, Network+, Security+) and CCNA Security.

To learn more about TargetSolutions’ new training courses, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.

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