Impactful DE&I Training + The Modern Workplace: How We Can Help

Impactful DE&I Training + The Modern Workplace: How We Can Help

At Vector Solutions, our mission is to help everyday heroes in our communities make safer, smarter, and better decisions by delivering intelligent software solutions that empower them. As organizations evolve with cultural and technological changes, learning, training, and professional development programs have to keep up as well. Nowhere is this need more apparent than in the case of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) practices - An organization’s commitment to DE&I practices is proportional to its success, agility in times of change, and even innovation! 

The key is: it has to be effective. We’ve designed our series of DE&I courses to cover a broad range of topics and have also customized them for the industries we serve. Since every organization is different, our library offers foundational, topic-specific, and market-focused courses to provide flexibility to your organization and learners. Additionally, we’re excited to share two complimentary courses offered in our Vector Cares course library. 

Vector Cares Courses: Understanding LGBTQ+ Identities and Diversity & Inclusion In The Workplace

These two complimentary courses are available in our Vector Cares library, an initiative that combines our technology and capabilities to serve our communities with free resources. These selected initiatives promote social awareness and serve as a resource for individuals who want to learn more and make their organizations and communities a better place. Serving others has been, and will always be, a cornerstone of our organization.

Understanding the Basics of LGBTQ+ Identities

Vector Solutions celebrates and is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our offices and communities, and has long supported education and learning opportunities on issues impacting the LGBTQ+ community. This complimentary course highlights important information to help learners better understand the basics of LGBTQ+ identities. Although originally designed for the education industry, this informative course can be utilized by learners from all backgrounds and industries. 

After taking this course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe and better understand human sexuality
  • Explain sexual orientation vs. sexual identity
  • Explain the differences between sexual identity and gender identity
  • Recognize and understand the language of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Comprehend the difficulties faced by LGBTQ+ youth
  • Recognize ways to make schools safer and more supportive for LGBTQ+ youth
  • Become an LGBTQ+ ally, and more

Creating a Culture of Diversity In Your Workplace 

Vector Solutions is dedicated to being part of the solution that eliminates racism and intolerance in our communities. That includes making sure businesses and organizations, including ours, are doing everything we can to support a diverse and inclusive atmosphere at work. We believe education is key to the path forward. This complimentary course outlines the steps employers can take to create and promote a diverse workplace that fosters respect and inclusion. 

In this course, we outline the top steps employers can take to create a workplace that fosters respect and inclusion including:

  • Healthy communication strategies
  • Role of leadership and management
  • Company code of conduct best practices
  • Tips for promoting diversity and inclusion, and more

Our DE&I Course Library

We designed our robust Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Course library to be industry-specific to maximize the impact for our clients. Our research-backed and expert-designed content is ready to deploy to structure impactful DE&I programs to be programmatic, not transactional. In these courses, we harness the power of microlearning to support learners with shorter bursts of material that they can participate in training on their schedule. They can be expanded with guidebooks and supplemental materials that can be used in interactive sessions and include materials for leaders. 

Most of all, we design our course content not only to be supportive of your employees but to develop the knowledge and skills of your managers - the key interaction point of your workforce. 

Our industry-specific libraries include:

Investing in DE&I Training is Investing In Your Organization’s Success

82% of course-takers say they will focus more on the impact of their choices based on the skills they learned. This is a powerful statement when you consider that companies with strong DE&I practices are six times more likely to be innovative and to anticipate change and respond effectively and twice as likely to reach financial targets. If your organization hopes to meet the demands of a modern workplace, you can’t afford not to invest in creating an impactful DE&I program - and we’re here to help.

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