Tip of the Month: Import Example Activities Tool Easy for TargetSolutions’ Users


The Import Example Activities tool found within the Activities Builder application gives platform managers the ability to import ready-made activities. Not only does it save time, it also provides great templates for building future activities. Platform managers will learn how to use different components, including duration, question, and resource, to name a few.

TargetSolutions offers several different industries from which to import activities. For the Fire industry, sample activities incorporate ARFF training, various inspections, National Incident Management System ICS training, and more. General industry topics include policy reviews and risk assessment activities. In fact, TargetSolutions has even created activities for our training videos from the help section.

One question we were recently asked through Live Chat is if it is possible to import our help videos into an organization’s File Center and then build an activity with it? This organization was about to train a supervisor to start managing the platform and wanted the supervisor to watch TargetSolutions’ Record Completions Video.

At the time, the client was unaware of the Import Example Activities tool — not to mention we already had a Record Completions Video activity ready to import.

After informing the administrator of the Import Example Activities tool, they were thrilled! “Awesome! I’ve been messing around with our version of the platform for a year getting it ready and I never clicked on the Import Example Activities,” they wrote.

Operating the Import Example Activity tool is simple. Here is how it works: From the Administration tab, click on Activities Builder. Select the Import Example Activities link on the far right. You can scroll through multiple activities that are available to assign to users and easily import into your File Center.

This tool was created so you would not have to build everything from scratch. We hope it makes your life a little easier! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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