Improve Safety And Reduce Loss With Proper Equipment Inspections

Improve Safety And Reduce Loss With Proper Equipment Inspections

Whether your fire department is career, part-time, volunteer, or combination, ensuring regular checks of apparatus, equipment, controlled substances, and other inventory helps reduce risk exposure related to the handling of mission-critical assets. inventory inspections

For the fire service, whose primary function is risk-mitigation for the communities they serve, efforts to reduce loss of life and property come naturally. Your department can easily improve internal risk mitigation with the right tool that streamlines routine inspections and maintenance of your valuable and regulated assets.

The recent whitepaper, "Why Proper Equipment Checks Make Business Sense for Fire Departments," explores how Vector Check It makes it simple for departments to perform and track inspections, ensure assets are functioning correctly, and identify repair and maintenance needs.

7 Ways Vector Check It Reduces Operational Risk

Highlighted in the whitepaper are seven key ways Vector Solutions' asset, equipment, and management software and mobile app can help fire departments reduce risk exposure, including:

  1. 24/7 accessibility with integrated mobile app
  2. Controlled substance tracking
  3. Comprehensive reporting
  4. Secure expiration date tracking
  5. Multi-channel communication
  6. Built-in verification features
  7. Create service tickets and track workflows

The True Cost Of Improper Equipment Checks

Take a deep dive into operational risk factors that impact fire departments in this important report and gain a deeper understanding of how improper equipment checks can be costly both personally and financially, including:

  • hurt or killed members/firefighter safety
  • psychological effects on crew when firefighters are hurt or killed
  • workers' compensation claims
  • expensive apparatus repair and replacement costs
  • liability claims/legal cost
  • poor communication and documentation

Ensuring your apparatus, equipment, and inventory are properly inspected, documented, and communicated is critical to the safety and effectiveness of your department. Download your copy of this insightful whitepaper for more on mitigating risks in the fire service with Vector Check It.

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