IndustrySafe 6.0 is Here!


The IndustrySafe team has been hard at work developing and designing the next generation of our EHS software, which is now available as the IndustrySafe 6.0 Release! The 6.0 Release brings several design changes to IndustrySafe’s navigational menu, reports management, and summary screens.

Navigational Redesign

safety software on a desktop computer

A large portion of the 6.0 Release was developed to give IndustrySafe safety management software a more modern look while remaining user friendly. With the 6.0 Release, the software’s primary and secondary navigation bars have been consolidated into a single, streamlined design.

Sub-menus are now hidden within their respective modules, allowing them to be directly accessed from any part of the software. Additionally, as part of a more mobile friendly format, any module that extends beyond the width of the screen is now tucked under a “More” section.

Updated Reports & New Reports Center

Reports center

The 6.0 Release brings several updates and improvements to IndustrySafe’s numerous reports. Several of the EHS Incident Analysis Logs now feature  contractor information, as well as a new report focused specifically on contractor incidents.

Furthermore, a new Reports center module has been added with the 6.0 Release for one centralized location to manage all IndustrySafe reports.

The Reports center has been designed for users that frequently analyze IndustrySafe reports, to allow for a more user-friendly design with bonus features. Reports are still broken down by module, but you can also quickly access recently view reports, as well as use an improved interface to schedule reports.

Summary Screen Updates

ehs incident summary screen in safety software

The module summary screens has also been refreshed with the 6.0 release. Most of the changes are aesthetic adjustments to items such as the Green Plus button to add a new record and the summary screen search filters.

For more information on IndustrySafe’s 6.0 Release, please view our release notes.

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