Infrastructure Investment Gap Highlights Potential Benefits of Focused Training


Architects, engineers and construction (AEC) professionals skilled in transportation systems stand to gain considerably as the U.S. faces a significant investment gap when it comes to infrastructure. Training in transportation systems can give AEC professionals an opportunity to get a head start in developing infrastructure expertise, positioning them well to compete for projects if the nation works to fill its infrastructure investment gap.

Infrastructure Challenges Ahead
A recent study from the American Society of Civil Engineers have found that years of modest investment in the nation’s core infrastructure has led to considerable difficulties on the horizon. The national economy depends heavily on infrastructure to support consumers and businesses alike. The study estimates that the U.S. economy will lose approximately $4 trillion GDP if the investment gap in infrastructure is not resolved by 2025. This economic decline would also lead to significant job losses of approximately 2.5 million in 2025.

At this point, improvement needs to happen across the nation’s surface transportation systems. The study explained that marginal improvements in recent years have led to an upward trend in areas like waterways, the electricity grid and airports. However, surface transit has fallen behind, and closing the investment gap hinges on making progress in this area.

Using Training to Compete for Projects
The study from the American Society of Civil Engineers emphasizes that transportation upgrades are necessary. If local, state and federal government bodies pay attention, there may be a huge influx of projects out there to bid on. AEC professionals who want to set themselves apart from their peers can use strategic civil engineering training or transportation training to develop a better understanding of the nation’s infrastructure setup. This knowledge can play an instrumental role in becoming an asset to government entities that need real solutions at a competitive price point.

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