Fire Department Software Applications Make Biggest Impact for Camden County Fire Rescue


 width=Located in Kingsland, Ga., Camden County Fire Rescue serves a population of approximately 53,000 people across 613 square miles. The department is committed to providing its community with the very best service possible. To do that, the department’s emergency responders need to effectively meet EMS continuing education requirements. That was the original reason it signed up with TargetSolutions.

In the end, however, TargetSolutions’ fire department software applications have made the biggest difference.

“The training was always being completed,” said Training Division Officer Robbi King. “What TargetSolutions has allowed us to do is easily track it and review that it has been completed. It makes it easier as administration.”

While Camden County was pleased to realize TargetSolutions’ full capabilities, its initial needs were also fulfilled. Completing EMS recertification remotely with TargetSolutions has made training more efficient and cost effective, King said. It’s as simple as assigning online EMS training for academic work and brining everyone to a centralized location for the hands-on, didactic activities.

“We no longer have to bring in EMS providers – and deal with who is on-duty, who is off-duty – to complete monthly training,” said King. “Training is completed online during shifts, saving us overtime and instructor costs.”

Tracking all types of training is possible with TargetSolutions, and when it comes to its upcoming fire department ISO inspection, the department will have all of the information it needs to provide the ISO inspector.

“With TargetSolutions, we’re going to be able to provide ISO with the information they want, in the format they want. Giving that information to the inspector in the format they need and it will make the entire process easier for everyone.”

Robbi King, Training Division Officer

Whether it’s pre-course, online EMS training that keeps units in service, tracking and reporting fire department ISO training, or maintaining overall department compliance, TargetSolutions has Camden County Fire Rescue covered. King says the department has made great use of TargetSolutions’ powerful applications, especially the Manage Credentials application, which has improved the way employee training records are tracked for the entire department.

By creating one comprehensive credential that looks at all of the training needed over a two-year cycle, King can decide how and when each type of training will be completed each month, lessening demands on the department’s emergency responders, while making sure all requirements are completed.

“We’re able to run one report that shows everything,” said King. “We know all of the training is being completed and we don’t have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks.”

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