Comply with California HSA Standards and Improve Student Safety Using Integrated Pest Management Strategies

Children account for 50 percent of pesticide poisoning cases. This is not only due to the misuse of pesticides, but because children’s bodies are more vulnerable to exposure than adults. Therefore, it is crucial that schools in California, especially personnel who apply pesticides, are aware of best-integrated pest management strategies.

TargetSolutions’ new activity, DRP 101 – Basic Pest Management in the School and Child Care Settings, which can be found in the Import Example Activities section of the Activities Builder, satisfies the Healthy Schools Act (HSA) training requirement. Previously, TargetSolutions users could satisfy this standard with the DRP 103 course. However, as it’s a more in-depth continuing education activity for professionals, DRP 101 was introduced for a more condensed, school-specific alternative. While insecticides may not be used by teachers in the classroom, the most common school-yard pesticides include:

  • Disinfectants
  • Sanitizers
  • Weed-killers

As many teachers and other school professionals who work with children use these kinds of products, this activity is crucial for student safety.

Th integrated pest management strategies activity takes roughly one hour and is divided into three chapters. Users are guided with narration and interactive features about preventative, long-term solutions for pest control. Students earn their certification with a 10-question exam and receive credit by uploading the certificate to their activity in TargetSolutions.

After completing the activity, teachers and other school personnel will understand how to assess different types of pest problems and take appropriate action. These safer and more sustainable approaches include cleaning with microfiber cloths, installing door sweeps to keep out pests, and effectively sealing trash containers.

Maintaining a safe, clean environment for students is a priority for schools. While this may include killing germs and bugs, staff need to be mindful of the chemicals they are exposing children to. Integrated pest management strategies are the best way to ensure safety and simpler HSA compliance across California schools with fewer forms, training, and resources dedicated to using harmful pesticides.

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