ISO Best Practices Training Series with TargetSolutions’ Product Specialist Tim Riley


Tracking and reporting training can be as difficult as executing the actual training activities for some departments. TargetSolutions, in addition to providing dynamic training content and operations management applications, makes it simple for public safety agencies to maintain accurate training records for ISO and other agency standards.

To help training officers understand how to best utilize the system, TargetSolutions platform expert and ISO credential creator, Tim Riley, explains everything you need to know in a 2-part video series.

About the ISO Best Practices Series

This best practices series was filmed at the Raleigh Fire Department (NC) during an overview training session presented by Tim Riley. As a retired training chief and creator of the ISO credential in the TargetSolutions platform, he built the training tracking solution according to ISO standards and outlined all training categories departments should be documenting.

In part one of the series, Tim explains the mandated training hours according to ISO requirements for general company training, officer training and driver training. He distinguishes what activities do and don’t qualify as training for ISO and illustrates this with “buckets”. He also highlighted the crucial facility training category - out of the 9 points allocated to fire department training during an ISO audit, 3 of the points are given based on facility training.

In the second part of the series, Tim demonstrates how easy it is to track training in the TargetSolutions platform. With just a few clicks, firefighters can input their own training, such as physical fitness. Meanwhile platform administrators can oversee their progress towards completing the credential and use Record Completions to document larger training activities. Additionally, Tim covers other useful features in the system such as the Events module, the dashboard calendar and bulletin board.

Value of Accurate Training Logs

This ISO credential overview is ideal for introducing new supervisors to the TargetSolutions system and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

In addition to being available in the Help Center, you can also assign these 2 best practices videos via “Import Activities” in the Activities Builder in the TargetSolutions platform.

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