Keep Students and Staff Safe when Schools Reopen as COVID-19 Cases Rise

As the COVID-19 cases surge across the country, many schools are looking for new ways to protect their community and prevent outbreaks. LiveSafe, now part of the Vector Solutions family, shares your commitment to ensuring schools are safe places to learn and work. That’s why we developed a new cost-effective version of our industry-leading safety communications platform, specifically designed to help schools reopen or remain open safely amid the COVID-19 health crisis.

New COVID-19 Health Screening and Communications System

LiveSafe’s COVID-19 health screening and communications system gives students, teachers, and staff the ability to self-report their health status every morning through either a simple mobile check-in feature or a privacy-compliant health survey. This provides an instant snapshot and report of who is healthy enough to come to school and who should stay home when schools reopen. School administrators can directly engage with those who need assistance and provide resources in response to rapidly changing health conditions and guidance. Depending upon your school’s size and specific needs, you may choose from a variety of packages that can include mobile and web-based access to the following features and more:

  • Daily broadcast health check-ins to determine who is feeling well enough to come to school and who is sick and should stay home and/or seek medical advice.
  • An administrator dashboard that provides an instant health status snapshot of your school.
  • Easy mobile access to CDC and school-specific resources about coronavirus precautions and health recommendations.
  • The ability for students, teachers, and staff to ask questions and report COVID-19 concerns, anonymously if desired.

To learn more about how the LiveSafe can meet the needs of your school, visit our website to watch a short overview video and request a free demo.

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