Large District Streamlines Staff Professional Development with Online Courses


Prince George's County Public Schools

Located just minutes away from Washington, D.C., Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is one of the nation’s 25 largest school districts, serving more than 136,500 students and 20,000 employees in 206 schools and centers.

The district began using Vector Solutions’ SafeSchools Online Training System in 2017 for all of its employees to provide staff professional development in key safety and compliance topics. Before adopting SafeSchools Training, PGCPS did not have a uniform way to assign and track safety training for several thousand employees across hundreds of locations. District administrators knew they needed to find a training solution that would be efficient, convenient, and cost-effective. In their first year of using SafeSchools Training, staff members completed almost 335,000 courses. To date, PGCPS has over 1 million course completions.

Expanding Staff Professional Development with Special Education-Related Courses for Paraprofessionals

After a successful first year of utilizing SafeSchools Training, the district’s Department of Special Education added the Exceptional Child course library to their SafeSchools Training subscription to provide online special education-related training to 1,400 paraprofessionals. The Exceptional Child course library provides online, evidence-based special education-related training to all staff who support students with exceptionalities, and can be used as a stand-alone solution or added to SafeSchools Training.

PGCPS paraprofessionals completed almost 8,000 Exceptional Child courses during the 2018-2019 school year! The district expanded their Exceptional Child subscription for the 2019-2020 school year to provide access to the courses for nearly 11,000 instructional staff.

As the district heads into their fourth year partnering with Vector Solutions, they are again expanding the use of the Exceptional Child content by extending their subscription to include the new Parent Course Collection. A parent is an important part of the special education team, which includes school staff. These courses are designed to help parents and guardians understand the special education process.

To learn more from Prince George's County's successful implementation of SafeSchools Training and Exceptional Child, including best practices for implementing a paraprofessional PD plan.

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