Law Enforcement Accreditations Update: New # Certified License Credentials & MN New Course Approvals

Law Enforcement Accreditations Update: New # Certified License Credentials & MN New Course Approvals

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Please see accreditations updates below for details on tracking individual license numbers in new certified credentials and new course approvals for Minnesota.

# Certified License Credentials (To create a license number table)

New certified license credentials have been created to track individual license numbers in BOT. With this new process, Vector Solutions (BOT) will have a central table of license numbers to be used for reporting. Here is what, why, and how:

WHAT: Setting up certified credentials to easily identify a license number in BOT. This is especially relevant for those licenses Vector Solutions is required to report course completions to the accrediting bodies.

WHY: Currently license numbers can be stored in certified and custom credentials as well as in administrative notes. Admins can continue to set up their accounts as they wish, however, by Vector Solutions setting up these specific certified license credentials, we will have a central table of license numbers to draw from. Also, by setting up the ability for the individual to input their license information, they take ownership of what we can and cannot report when required.

HOW: As we identify the licenses to be reported, we are setting up certified credentials with names that will end in #.

NOTE: No courses or expiration dates are to be added to these credentials; they exist to house license numbers only and will not retire when the credential is completed.
As we identify user license numbers currently in the system, we are working with IT to have that license information imported into the new certified credentials so there is no duplicate effort.

Here are the new # Certified License Credentials:

Georgia Peace Officer GA POST #
Michigan Law Enforcement Officer MCOLES ID #
Minnesota Peace Officer MN POST #
Mississippi Police Officer MS BLEOST #
North Dakota Law Enforcement ND POST #
Oklahoma Law Enforcement CLEET Master Number
Virginia Law Enforcement VA DCJS #

Minnesota (MN) New Course Approvals

Minnesota - Peace Officer

Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (MN POST), 2 courses for 2 hours were approved.

1 Patrol- Report Writing to Win Cases (9602) 1
2 Search and Seizure (9555) 1

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