Law Enforcement Accreditations Update: NM, MI CE and Certified Credentials

Law Enforcement Accreditations Update: NM, MI CE and Certified Credentials

Vector Solutions (TargetSolutions Edition) is proud to provide law enforcement agencies with valuable and relevant training courses that help keep officers confident, competent, and compliant. As law enforcement faces increasing demand for training and transparency, having a comprehensive, up-to-date training program is essential to the success of any agency.

The following accreditations update reflects continuing education (CE) requirements and certified credential changes for New Mexico and Michigan.

New Mexico (NM) Law Enforcement Updated CE Requirements and Certified Credential

NM State – Police Officer

40 hours of Training due by December 31 odd years.

(Annual training is required and hours are due by December 31st of each year)

Of the 40 hours, (33 hours may be taken online):

 Training that is required annually:

  • 2 hours must be in Child Abuse Incident Training 
  • 1 hour must be in Domestic Violence Incident Training 
  • 1 hour must be in Ensuring Child Safety Upon Arrest
  • 1 hour must be in Missing Persons and Amber Alert Training

Training that is required biennial: 

  • 2 hours must be in the Detection, Investigation and Reporting of a Crime Motivated by Hate
  • 2 hours must be in Legal Update Training must include changes in New Mexico state statutes and recent state and federal case law
  • 4 hours must be in Safe Pursuit
  • 15 hours in General Law Enforcement Topics

 Training that is required through Academy training:

  • Annually, 0.5 hours must be in academy accredited tourniquet and trauma kit training
  • Biennially, 4 hours of academy approved fire arms training, maximum one-hour classroom component, and a minimum three-hour range component. Qualification testing may not be used as training.
  • Biennially, 2 hours must be in academy accredited interaction with Persons with Mental Impairments Training with practice.

The New Mexico Department of Public Safety (NMDPS) accepts courses that have been approved by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy (NMLEA). Vector Solutions courses have been reviewed and approved by the NMLEA for a Certified Police Officer.

Michigan (MI) Law Enforcement Certified Credential

Each agency is allowed to determine the number of CE hours, subject matter topics, and the time frame to complete these requirements in order to renew a license. For this reason, establishing one certified credential will not serve all clients and their needs. In order to make it easier for our clients to see a certified credential and what courses are available, we established this credential with a 100-hour requirement so the CE will still summarize and give you a percentage.

  • LE - MI State – Law Enforcement Police Officer - General

The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards Board (MCOLES) requires continuing education to be pre-approved. The courses offered by TargetSolutions have been reviewed and approved by MCOLES to meet the requirements for a Law Enforcement Officer.

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