Policies and Procedures in Law Enforcement Training Course


Law enforcement officers are constantly exposed to risk. Not just in the field, but also from potential incident-related lawsuits. In cases of litigation, policies are the first line of defense for the city or officers.

However, these instances are often what exposes an agency’s lack of policies (and therefore increased liability).

Vector Solutions’ new course, Policies and Procedures in Law Enforcement, was created for this very reason. Available through the TargetSolutions training platform, this online course reviews the fundamentals of effective policies and their importance to the operations of law enforcement agencies.

Understanding Law Enforcement Policies & Procedures

As law enforcement officers have to make split-second decisions, it’s crucial to establish and reinforce clear, concise policies. Policies are how organizations ensure compliance to federal, state, local and their organization’s own regulations and best practices.

Effective policies and procedures should help law enforcement agencies exceed basic legal standards.These policies should be a part of the agency’s culture and provide a roadmap for all levels of employees.

Polices & Procedures for Law Enforcement

This course reviews the fundamentals of policies and procedures and how they impact the daily operations of law enforcement agencies. Lessons discuss the nature of policies and give examples of the impact from a lack of proper policies and procedures. 

The video-based course uses current and practical information to help you write effective policies and procedures, understand the importance of them and related training activities.

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between policies and procedures
  • Explain the need for clear and concise policies and procedures
  • Identify the need for training to all law enforcement on policies and procedures
  • Understand the fiscal impact of lawsuits against cities and officers
  • Explain how to write effective policies and procedures
  • Describe the most important policies and procedures all law enforcement agencies should have in place

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