Law Enforcement Training Is Key to Better Performance

With so many controversial stories in the news, law enforcement training on deadly force has never been a more critical topic. The most recent high-profile video to go mainstream, which showed an officer in North Charleston, S.C. shoot and kill an unarmed man, put even more scrutiny on law enforcement training practices.

Lonny Wilder, who serves as a regional sales manager for TargetSolutions, was recently interviewed by KYTX in Texas. Wilder believes the incident in South Carolina shows how important it is for police agencies to undergo a thorough review of their training policies.

“It’s clear the law enforcement community has to internalize and take a good long breath, and focus again on guidelines and standard operating procedures,” said Wilder.

One efficient way for police agencies to train more effectively is with TargetSolutions, which features more than 240 online law enforcement training courses, as well as public safety’s leading software for policy management.

“TargetSolutions not only provides Law Enforcement agencies with valuable training courses on issues like ‘Officer Involved Shootings’ and ‘Police Shooting Tactics,’ but the technology to schedule, deliver and track everything an agency is doing to train personnel,” said Wilder. “TargetSolutions also automates the management of agency accreditation, credentials, licenses, city policies and equipment inspections to help police agencies streamline operations.”

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