Training Video Inside TargetSolutions’ Online Fire Training Platform Highlights Liquefied CO2 Incident

This month’s top resource provides firefighters with a valuable lesson about conducting thorough investigations at all incidents. The video posted by Jay Sumerlin of West Pierce Fire & Rescue (Wash.), titled “Phoenix Fire Liquid CO2,” recounts a liquefied CO2 incident response call by Phoenix Fire Department and is currently being utilized by several clients thanks to TargetSolutions’ powerful file-sharing application, Community Resources.
The video is an excellent real-life scenario that recounts the incident with engaging storytelling over 17 minutes, 36 seconds. It serves as an ideal training resource by reenacting Phoenix Fire Department’s near-miss discovery of a CO2 leak while responding to a seemingly routine call at a local fast-food restaurant. Ultimately, the incident evolved into a hazmat response because of a leaking liquefied CO2 tank in the restaurant.
Sean Murray of Tonopah Valley Fire District (Ariz.) wrote in the resource’s comments section that the video is a “great resource for situational awareness.” Another comment by Mark Harrington of Wilson Emergency Management Agency (Tenn.) wrote, “this makes you think to investigate the area you are in to find the source of the problem.”
And Jason Horne of DeKalb County Fire Rescue (Ga.) wrote, “Good information….Very educational…proactive management. Thank you!”
To view this video, please log in to your department’s TargetSolutions site and search “Phoenix Fire Liquid CO2” under the Community Resources tab. If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.
Liquefied CO2 Incident Training Video
“Phoenix Fire Liquid CO2” is this month’s top video inside TargetSolutions’ file-sharing application, Community Resources. It has been viewed 70 times and has a perfect five-star rating.

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