Liquefied Natural Gas Market Heating Up


An oil and natural gas boom is taking hold in the U.S., and organizations that want to stay ahead of the curve must ensure their staff has the right skills to keep pace with the demands of the industry. This is especially true as the global liquefied natural gas market is poised for significant revenue gains in 2016.

The rising liquefied natural gas sector
A recent study from Visiongain explained that liquefied natural gas production is gaining momentum around the world as organizations invest heavily in onshore liquefaction and regasification facilities. The study projects that global capital spending on onshore liquefied natural gas facilities will reach $55.08 billion in 2016. At this stage, there are still some question marks as to how demand in East Asia will impact the economic development of the rest of the global industry, but there are many signs that the industry is poised for significant growth moving forward.

The investments in new infrastructure in the liquefied natural gas sector is a clear sign of supply and demand dynamics in place in the sector. With the U.S. among regions where liquefied natural gas prospects are booming, unconventional natural resource chains are starting to disrupt industry economics. The result is a situation in which liquefied natural gas investments are rising to fuel revenue creation.

Growing economic prospects in the liquefied natural gas sector could also fuel significant competition throughout the industry, creating a situation in which staff training becomes incredibly important.

Using eLearning to get ahead of competitors
Training can hold the key to ensuring employees have the knowledge and skills needed to take advantage of contemporary technologies, comply with regulatory standards and prepare for more advanced roles within your organization.



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