5 Ways LiveSafe Can Help Businesses and Universities Succeed and Thrive In The New Normal

5 Ways LiveSafe Can Help Businesses and Universities Succeed and Thrive In The New Normal

April 22, 2020

Businesses, universities, and K-12 school districts are struggling to understand what the new "normal" will look like as the world waits for a COVID-19 vaccine. We can be fairly certain, however, that infections and deaths will continue for the rest of the year. By the time we are able to get back to "normal," the vast majority of Americans will be working and living in a very different environment. We will have moved on, out of necessity, to a new normal.

That new normal will require new thinking about how businesses and universities organize, equip, and manage their employees, contractors, and students. Businesses and universities will be challenged like never before to see through the fog of war and make timely decisions that instill confidence and allay fears.

Timely, accurate, and relevant information is the only thing that helps to allay the kind of fear that the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across our communities. The winners in this battle will be those who choose to engage and communicate with their employees in new, innovative ways. Your employees and students will be unsure about the safety of the workplace or campus, and they will want to be reassured that your organization is doing everything necessary to keep them safe and informed. This is where LiveSafe can play a significant role in restoring your community's confidence in the safety and security of their surroundings.

Here are 5 ways the LiveSafe Platform can help your organization get through the current crisis and position your safety and security program to succeed and thrive in the new normal.

    1. Employee Engagement

      Your employees and students are going to have questions and concerns on a regular basis. Many will be hesitant to voice their concerns or ask questions publicly.

      Anonymous reporting and two-way communications through a secure mobile app is a proven method to increase engagement and reporting. People are comfortable engaging through a discreet and anonymous app on their smartphone. Engagement also builds trust in the organization and generates actionable intelligence for your safety, security, and COVID-19 response programs.

      Engagement is also good for your compliance efforts. Under current Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) guidelines, COVID-19 is a reportable illness if there is evidence that the infection is work-related. Keeping track of these reports and analyzing the trends through advanced analytics is critical to ensuring your organization remains in compliance with OSHA rules and regulations.

      Employees and students have downloaded LiveSafe more than 28,000 times in the last 30 days. We currently protect more than 4.7 million people across multiple industry verticals, colleges, universities and K-12 school districts.

    2. Broadcast Messaging

      All safety, security, and health crises require regular, timely, and targeted communications from the leadership of the organization to the community.

      LiveSafe Broadcast Messaging functionality, as well as its Broadcast Check-in feature, enables organizations to send geo-targeted mass communications to community members based on their real-time location. Through Broadcast Check-in, you can request additional information, or obtain check-in status to ensure employees are safe. These capabilities will be critical to maintaining safety and security for many enterprises as the new normal may require skeleton crews, lone workers and shift work at different locations.

      Your employees and students can receive broadcast push notifications, SMS, and emails. Your contextual messaging can be based on geolocation and/or organizational affiliation. You can also create Geofence and time-driven messaging to ensure members of your workforce or student body get the right message at the right time. The Broadcast Check-in feature ensures you obtain instant accountability for your employees. In addition, you can send Broadcast Request For Information (RFI) notifications to prompt community members to submit tips to satisfy your safety and security information requirements.

    3. SafeWalk & SafeDrive

      As we move through a phased approach of returning to work and school, skeleton crews, lone workers, and shift workers will have an increased need for personal safety and security. LiveSafe's powerful SafeWalk and SafeDrive capabilities provide that personal safety whenever your people are on the move. App users can request virtual companions to escort them step-by-step. Their destination estimated time of arrival (ETA) is automatically calculated and shared with trusted contacts. Virtual companions are alerted if the traveler doesn't arrive on time.

      Two-way group chat is also available during the trip, as is a Panic Button to reach emergency services at any time.

    4. Safety Map & Resources

      Provide your employees and students with easy access to emergency policies, procedures, building maps, and trusted third-party resources. All resources are stored locally on the LiveSafe Mobile app, making them available offline or when network connectivity is poor. This is your way to ensure trusted, reliable information is provided to your community.

      Organizations can leverage the safety map to create configurable data layers to map critical health and safety locations. You can feel confident that your community members have the most up-to-date information with map data and resources that automatically update based on user location. Provide one-touch access to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information on COVID-19, as well as your local policies and procedures for keeping people safe and healthy during the crisis.

    5. LiveSafe Connect

      Chief security officers, campus public safety officials, and HR professionals will be challenged like never before to gather timely, actionable information and intelligence about the ongoing health crisis. That will require over-communicating, not only with their communities but with their peers in neighboring organizations and within their own enterprise. Today, this collaboration is being done on an ad-hoc basis using chat groups and email. Now there’s a better way. Say goodbye to those informal, clumsy ways of sharing security information and say hello to LiveSafe Connect.

      LiveSafe Connect extends the power of the LiveSafe Platform by enabling security professionals to create circles of trust with officials in geographically adjacent or industry-specific organizations for real-time, secure collaboration on emerging risks. Extending these circles of trust within geographies, industries, and/or affiliations generates a force-multiplier to expand risk intelligence at scale for Connect community members. Armed with this added intelligence, security leaders dramatically increase their situational awareness to prevent incidents and mitigate risks in real time.

      And the best part about Connect? CSOs can invite any trusted colleagues into the conversations, even if they are not LiveSafe users.


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