Make Learning a Two-Way Interaction With Convergence LMS


Think back to the worst and best learning experiences in your life. If you’re like most of us, your worst learning experiences probably include listening to a boring teacher or lecturer going on and on while you slump in your seat and fight the urge to fall asleep. And your best learning experiences probably include a great teacher who helped create interesting communications that you took an active part in.

Why offer learner feedback?

Learning is most likely to happen when the learning experience is a two-way discussion, with both the teacher and the learner playing an active role, and is least likely to happen when the learning experience is a one-way monologue.

Now, let’s apply that same idea to a learning management system (LMS). Many learning management systems include ways for training managers to assign training to employees. And that’s good. But in the terms of our example above, that’s a monologue or one-way conversation. It doesn’t give the trainee an active voice in the training process.

We’ve recently begun adding functionality to the Convergence LMS to help you create a rich, interactive, two-way discussion between trainers and trainees. We feel this will make your employees feel more empowered in their learning process, and we think that will increase learner interest, comprehension, and retention. We also think it will aid the distribution of knowledge throughout the organization—you may even find your employees know things the trainers don’t.

How are we doing this?

Here are some examples:

  • Allowing learners assigned a Tasklist or a Quiz to send feedback back to the content developer.
  • Creating a new Open Enrollment process that allows learners to enroll for training activities in addition to the ones they’ve been assigned.

We’re excited to add these new features to the LMS and believe they will improve your training efforts. Let us know what you think of these when you get a chance!


Want to Know More?

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