Making the Shift to Online PD Tracking is Saving Educators Time

Stacks of paper, spreadsheets, Google docs. Are you still using these to manage professional development events and track PD hours for teachers? If so, an online solution might save you, and your teachers, countless hours and loads of paperwork! Here’s how:

  • Improve organization and efficiency with online PD event scheduling, registration, attendance tracking, and credit approval.
  • Streamline communication by managing out-of-district PD event approvals.
  • Increase transparency and teacher accountability with license tracking tools that help teachers monitor their own progress toward license recertification credit requirements.

Customer Success Story – Archbishop Hoban High School

 width=Prior to 2017, educators and administrators at Archbishop Hoban High School were still using a manual paper and pencil process to keep track of professional development hours. Administrators also wanted the teachers to to have more responsibility and better access to tools that would enable them to keep track of their own PD hours for license renewal.

Administrators selected the TeachPoint Professional Development Tracking Solution to help them make the shift to digital. Educators at the school are using TeachPoint to track PD hours associated with school-hosted PD events, faculty meetings, professional learning communities, and PD activities completed outside of the school.

With TeachPoint, the teachers can now monitor their own progress toward license recertification credit requirements and generate a PD transcript documenting all of their completed activities and credits. The school’s administrators also have access to detailed reports to monitor progress across their school or district.

Read the full success story to see how  Archbishop Hoban High School administrators and staff have saved valuable time and increased transparency in the licensure renewal process. Read the Success Story!

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