Manage Classroom Training with CELEXA


The Gaming Industry is a fast-paced environment and many casinos have thousands of employees with multiple properties. We often hear from clients that keeping track of employee classroom attendance can be complicated, especially when it comes to organizing training instructors, managing multiple sessions and making them available to employees during their scheduled hours.

Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, CELEXA can assist with streamlining classroom training. Training departments can seamlessly organize, schedule and track when employees are assigned to a course. Additionally, they can keep track of attendance, scores, and employee information creating a comprehensive transcript, or training record, in a centralized cloud location.


Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, CELEXA alleviates the workload for the training department when it comes to scheduling classroom training for employees. CELEXA is easily managed by administrators and provides visibility to property and department level classroom training schedules.

Administors have the following capabilities:

  • Setting a limit of how many employees are allowed per session
  • Selecting instructors for each session
  • Automatically enrolling employees to a session(s)
  • Marking employees as “attended” and assigning a score
  • Removing employees from session(s) and moving them to a different one
  • Add a waitlist

Further, selecting instructors is easily organized in CELEXA. Casino Essentials allows training managers to assign classroom courses to specific instructors and add their sessions directly to their CELEXA or personal calendars to view their upcoming training dates.


Managing classroom attendance is very simple. Administrators can enroll or drop employees, mark them as “attended” and assign a score.



Employees can take advantage of offered classroom professional development courses and select the time/date they would like to attend. Once employees select their sessions, administrators can easily view which employees have signed up and they can cancel or create more sessions as they see fit.



Administrators can track their employees training status within CELEXA. Reports can be pulled to review the completion status of any classroom course by employee, position or course. The status reports showcase the completion date, time and score for each classroom session. Tracking employee completion status is very useful to identify those that still need to complete specific training.

Putting together a classroom training schedule can be a seamless process with Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, CELEXA. Employees will appreciate the ease in scheduling and completing their training. Administrators will enjoy the organization and the trackability CELEXA provides.

Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, CELEXA Video Demonstration

Watch this webinar to learn how Casino Essentials’ learning management system streamlines training and compliance. With Casino Essentials, you can deliver, track and report all types of Title 31 and AML compliance training. Investing in e-Learning could be one of the best investments you make for your organization.

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