Mid-Year Safety Compliance Check for K-12 Schools


Can you believe that the school year is nearly halfway through? Now is a great time to do a mid-year training and compliance check to be sure your school is on track to meet your safety goals and manage liability. A safety compliance check now gives you time before the school year ends to check on anyone who might not have completed their training.

That’s where the SafeSchools Online Training System comes in! Here are five ways we can help you better manage compliance:

1. Compliance Management System

Every employee training assignment and course completion is automatically documented in your SafeSchools Training System and is made available for compliance reporting in real-time. All reports can be exported to Excel instantly, with just a few clicks. Learn more about how SafeSchools Training can help your district better manage compliance and automate your training to save valuable time.

2. Course Customization

Add school-specific content and/or state-specific customized messaging to the beginning or end of any SafeSchools Training course. Administrators can also link to district-specific resources and policies.

3. Track Off-line Training

Track individual or group face-to-face sessions in your SafeSchools Training System too, by giving credit to employees or students who were in attendance.

4. New Hire Training Plan

New Hires may have different start dates, have different job titles, and be located in different buildings. Your SafeSchools Training System offers an easy way for you to assign and track training specifically for new hires. Once set up, your New Hire Training Plan automatically assigns the courses you’ve identified to employees loaded into the system as new employees. Plus, as you add new employees, the system automatically assigns your training and tracks completions.

5. Compliance Notes

These helpful reminders provide additional actions that are needed to achieve full compliance. Examples of SafeSchools Training courses that have compliance notes are Asbestos Awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Hazard Communications.

To learn more about how SafeSchools Training can help your school or district with compliance, please contact us at [email protected], 1-800-434-0154, or request a free trial.

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