Millennials Bring New Approach to Career Development – Adjust Training Accordingly


Employee skills development is always a priority in industrial sectors, especially as organizations work to overcome the challenges of an aging workforce. Elearning solutions can be invaluable in this area, particularly as manufacturers work to respond to a growing age gap.

A 2012 report from the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School explained that millennials do not view their career development as a linear process that is led by managers and executives where they work. They instead see themselves as the primary leaders in their career development. They are also constantly connected to technology, giving you an opportunity to engage them through eLearning and similar tools. The autonomy and comfort with technology are prime benefits of working with millennials, and eLearning enables manufacturers to take full advantage of these traits.

Establishing training programs to support millennials
The way millennials are willing to engage with technology gives you a unique opportunity to develop their skills in intuitive ways that don’t detract from productivity. This is key as millennials are constantly looking for opportunities to grow. A recent Forbes report explained that millennials will generally change jobs 13 times over the course of their careers. Because of this, millennials are working to constantly grow, giving businesses that embrace eLearning and other innovative training methodologies a competitive advantage in recruiting and engaging these workers.

Advantages of eLearning in reaching millennials
Elearning is uniquely suited to getting millennials engaged in corporate training. A few key benefits of eLearning include:

  • Online courses are available on a wide range of devices, something that is especially key when trying to engage millennials. These users are comfortable leveraging smartphones, tablets and PCs depending on their needs at any moment, and eLearning gives them flexibility to take advantage of all of these devices.
  • Millennials are accustomed to creative, engaging and media-rich content that is difficult to replicate in traditional classroom environments. Online coursework can incorporate materials that engage a wide range of learning styles.
  • Large-scale eLearning initiatives show millennials that an organization understands their needs and is willing to help them grow and develop. Accomplishing this through eLearning, instead of a rigid classroom curriculum, also shows employees that you trust them enough to give them the decision-making about when and how they engage with course materials.

Millennials may create new challenges in the workforce, but they also present a wide range of benefits. Their ambition and willingness to grow autonomously can deliver unique benefits to your business, especially if you use eLearning tools to give workers an opportunity to grow and develop.



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