Mobile Fire-Rescue Manages Inspections and Compliance with TargeetSolutions Check It™


Mobile Fire Rescue TargetSolutions Check It™

Serving a 400-square mile region in Mobile, Alabama, Mobile Fire-Rescue is an all-hazards fire department with 20 engine companies and nearly 500 employees. The department has used the TargetSolutions Learning Management System (LMS) since 2017 and decided to try TargetSolutions Check It™ in 2018 to streamline daily inspections.

Since then, Captain Barry Glisson explained his agency has improved many processes related to department inspections. With the integrated mobile and web-based application, Mobile FR can ensure compliance, simplify communication and address problems sooner.

About Mobile Fire-Rescue

When describing his agency’s responsibilities, Captain Glisson explained his personnel provide the large coastal community of Mobile with emergency response services ranging from HAZMAT to urban rescue to fire suppression, EMS and more. Additionally, Mobile Fire-Rescue has a Class 1 ISO rating – demonstrating their dedication to maintaining compliance and operational excellence.

Glisson described part of his role at Mobile FR as a strategic planner. He researches new technology to enhance his department and oversees its implementation. When Glisson heard about TargetSolutions Check It™ and its capabilities for performing, tracking and reporting all department-wide inspections, he knew it was what they needed to comply with state and EMS requirements.

Implementing the TargetSolutions Check It™ Application

Before TargetSolutions Check It™, Mobile FR used Google Forms to track daily inspections. However, it required monthly administrative maintenance that was difficult to keep up with. With TargetSolutions Check It™, the agency can track everything in the same system they use for training management.

Glisson explained that because his department was familiar with using electronics to perform inspections, implementation was simple. Personnel could use their own phones to do routine checks for apparatus, equipment, inventory and more.

“With Target Solutions Check It™, information is quickly accessible for all users via the mobile app and the web – anytime and anywhere.”

Captain Barry Glisson, Mobile Fire-Rescue

Simplified Search Tools and Barcode Scanning

When discussing the convenience of TargetSolutions Check It™, Captain Glisson emphasized the built-in barcode scanner in the mobile app. To find a piece of equipment in the application, personnel can scan its barcode and the equipment is instantly pulled up in the system.

In a recent incident, a specific type of monitor was recalled. The supply division at Mobile Fire-Rescue was tasked with identifying and replacing these monitors in a timely manner. Using TargetSolutions Check It™, they were able to search for the recalled monitors in the application based on their serial numbers.

Through this, they could quickly identify which trucks had the recalled monitors and ensure they were serviced.

Easy Communication of Work Orders

With TargetSolutions Check It™, Mobile Fire-Rescue can also streamline the communication of required service on apparatus/ambulances, equipment or other resources.

The workflow view in the Tickets module provides the department with a visual of all items requiring repair, the repair status of said items and when they’re back in service. Additionally, the application helps the agency track associated costs and reduce redundant emails and alerts.

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