New 3D Driver Safety Courses Released


Our Driver Safety training courses are now available for purchase via our online safety training store. We’re really excited to add these courses to our library because it represents a new set of topics for us and a chance to really show off our 3D graphics and animation skills. To check out some video samples, visit our Driver Safety YouTube playlist.

Industries and Uses
These modules would be great for companies that employ delivery drivers, mobile technicians, on-site service reps, or any other mobile employees. The courses show a variety of vehicles including cars, SUV’s, and vans, and provide very concise information without all the fluff, bad acting, and 1980s clothes of some of the other videos.


The courses in our 3-DVD set include:

Driving Preparation
This module focuses on preparing to drive safely and includes the basics of vehicle maintenance and inspection, suggestions for planning your route, emergency supplies, securing cargo, seat belts, and cell phones.

Alert Driving
This module focuses on the importance of alert driving and discusses driving while impaired, avoiding distractions, scanning the road, things to look for, increasing reaction time, and the two-second rule.

Driving Hazard Recognition
This module discusses recognizing and avoiding driving hazards related to intersections, blind spots, limited visibility, losing traction, erratic drivers, and pedestrians, animals, and parked vehicles.

Delivery Formats
As always, these courses will be available on DVD, as computer-based training through Convergence Training Viewer, as Pay-Per-View, and even licensable SCORM courses in our LMS or yours.

More Info
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